SwF Brand

The Sherwood brand is a range of selected prepared cuts of meats from Beef, Pork, Chicken and we also offer our own Brisket Burgers, sausages etc.  The beef heralds from grass fed cattle in Ireland, that boasts some of the richest pastures in Europe, from the PieTrain pigs of Belgium, that are naturally low in cholesterol, but full of flavour, and welfare, natural chicken, that is not pumped with water to give weight gain.  As a brand, we aim to offer more of a one stop shop for people who are looking for quality and value delivered next day to their door, with no fuss, nationwide.  If you are looking for steaks for the husband as a treat, or you are just doing a weekly shop, we would offer a large enough variety to satisfy most needs, to give you great results every time.

The items listed are a selection of what we have available, and as you can see the range includes American style cuts.  These cuts have been specifically produced to give you the low and slow experience either at home or for commercial use.  Our cuts are regularly used in competitions in the UK and Europe, by some of the top teams, it has placed first and is a well-regarded product within the BBQ community.  So, if you go to some of the better-known forums, you could be adventurous and try your hand at pulled pork with a Boston Butt or sliced Brisket or burnt ends with a full packer brisket, the videos and recipes are all there.

i.e. Country Wood Smoke on Face Book / BensBQ on You Tube / www.jacksmeatshack.com

Arun Meats look forward to delivering this and other items to your home or if you need larger orders, wholesale to your business.  If there are any questions, then please get in touch with the sales team: Cameron Robinson +44 (0) 2392 662 993