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The Sherwood brand is a range of selected cuts from grass fed cattle in Ireland, that boasts some of the richest pastures in Europe, and from the Pietrain pigs of Belgium, that are naturally low in cholesterol.  Given the nature of the surroundings and the selection of animals, we offer this quality brand to our customers, along with our usual products.

The items listed are a selection of what we have available, and as you can see the range includes American style cuts.  These cuts have been specifically produced to give you the low and slow experience either at home or for commercial use.  The brand is regularly used in competitions in the UK and Europe, by some of the top teams, it has placed first and is a well-regarded product within the BBQ community.

We look forward to delivering this and other items to your home or to your restaurant.  If there are any questions, then please get in touch with our sales team, and they will be happy to answer them for you.

Meaty Back Ribs

Arun Meats - Meaty Babyback Ribs

12 bone, 900 gram racks of ribs, 9cm wide, meaty for better value.

St Louis Ribs

Arun Meats - St Louis Ribs

Parallel cut meaty belly ribs, 2 kg ideal for thicker cut portions.

Boston Butts

Arun Meats - Boston Butt

Fresh cut from the shoulder, leaving only the blade bone and an even layer of fat on top for locking in the moisture and flavour. 6.5kg.

Tomaporks 2 Bone

Arun Meats - Tomaporks 2 Bones

Thick cut two bone Tomahawks of pork, succulent and tasty, already portioned 850gram.

Tomaporks 5 Bone

Thick uncut five bone Tomahawks of pork, succulent and tasty 2000gram (ave).

Sherwood Country Chops

Arun Meats - Sherwood Country Chop

Thick cut bone in chops from the shoulder, with just enough fat to give them flavour and moisture.

Belly Pork

Arun Meats - Belly Of Pork

Short cut for less waste, belly of pork, with the bone, ideal for BBQ or roasting, giving a fantastic helping of golden brown crackling on the back. 5kg.

Jacobs Ladders

Arun Meats - Jacobs Ladders

3kgs plus, 6 bone single layer of juicy goodness that is 18cm wide, all vacuum packed fresh, a real treat for the low and slow.

Sherwood Brisket and Flank Burgers

Arun Meats - Brisket Burgers

All vacuum packed, using finest grade brisket, to give a natural flavoured burger, that is succulent and moist. 200g 7oz.


Arun Meats - Feathers Flat Iron Steaks

Flat iron steak primals, ready to slice to give a full flavour in the kitchen or on the BBQ.


Arun Meats - Ribeyes

A real tender juicy cut from the aged grass fed cattle, to give perfect flavour and tenderness 350g.


Arun Meats - Picanha Beef

Cut from the top of the Rump, and keeping the fat on to increase the flavour, a real popular cut.